Ichabod a profile on gay tube

You need to login to do this. The guys start noticing a similar sifmilarity between Ichabod a profile on gay tube and a certain other film.

Oh, hi, poorly made cult film directed by an immigrant with a funny accent that’s trying to horn in on my business! Oh, hello darkness my old friend. The spontaneous, ahem, “forest fire:” Kevin: Help, it’s a strangely localized forest fire! Bill: With small pinpoint blazes that are not spreading in the least! Mike: And which are handily contained to tiny patches off the road itself making safe passage quite easy!

Kevin: It’s not a forest fire. It’s a bunch of Buddhist monk chipmunks doing a simultaneous self-immolation to protest! Rod is ousted by the board. Bill’s Cluster F-Bomb during the credits at the cast, filled with censor bleeps, followed by Mike when Kevin brings up spruce bark beetles.

During an exceptionally bad bit of Special Effect Failure. Mike: We’re going to make this look good in post, right? After an eagle manages to divebomb a filling station. The guys have fun with the “Blind Idiot” Translation script: Rod: Watch football. Then: Rod: You’re right, he is cute.

So is there anything I should know about your mom? Anything ridiculously unexpected that might catch me off guard? Soon followed up with Mike speaking for the mom and saying, “I just finished encasing a bounty hunter in carbonite. Nobody knows just what a slrpnl is. Yeah, yeah, he meant to say “solar panels”.

Mass Solar owns the patent to this technology. Kevin: And, what are you calling them again? He really said that, didn’t he? After the first bird attack: Nathalie: Why would birds do something like that?

That was a tough elimination, homes. Kevin: And somehow this movie is supposed to make us feel good about Scientology? After Ramírez tells Connor he can’t have children. Mike: His kids make fun of him because when he’s handing out stuff on the Fourth of July he insists on saying, “THIS! As Admiral Zhao confronts the Blue Spirit: Zhao: Who are you?

I mean, why would they just attack? Kevin: Maybe green pigs stole their eggs. As the “heroes” constantly miss the birds with their automatic weapons. Kevin: Wow, they’re terrible at this.

I’m surprised a dog hasn’t popped up and sniggered at them. Then there’s these references to other Rifftrax movies: Kevin: Okay if this pans across Golden Gate Bridge, I’m leaving. Later, while Rod and company wander through the woods: Kevin: Okay, if we start seeing Thumbelina, I’m leaving. This exchange: Nathalie: Oh my God! On an over-long restaurant scene: Mike: I think they hired James Nyugen to make a local ad for their restaurant and he just went way way over budget. On a very oddly-carved giant pumpkin: Bill: Evil Teddy Roosevelt, sure.


At the end, Alan Bagh once again is painfully aware of the camera. Mike: He’s doing his best Frankenstein impression. When the Persian messenger arrives: Leonidas: What message do you bring? Leonidas: You rode all the way from Persia for earth and water? When Leonidas dispatches the Persian messenger’s party, and decide to run the THIS! Mike: His kids make fun of him because when he’s handing out stuff on the Fourth of July he insists on saying, “THIS! Kevin: Or when he’s giving his car a tune-up, and his kid asks, “Hey, dad?

What’s that small, white thing with metal at each end? Mike: Uh-oh, where’s he going with this? Bill: And he looks at his bowl of Trix and he says, “THIS! Mike: Wow, you pulled it off! Leonidas sitting down next to his son after a sparring session, “Hey, wanna beer, kid? Son: Um, Dad, why are you Scottish? When Leonidas meets with the Persian messenger: Leonidas: Submission.



When the 300 are preparing to leave: General Guy: Sons to carry on their name. Bill: Though Johnson’s son may not be the marrying type, if you know what I mean. Mike: He’s considering moving to Athens, if you catch my drift. Kevin: We think he may be a homosexual, if you can read between the lines. And so Xerxes and Jimmy Buffett assembled the largest boat-to-boat party in history.

Kid, how’d you get so dirty? You were outside for, like, five minutes! Uh, I don’t like this new ‘extreme’ image for The Giving Tree —it was fine the way it was. March of the Penguins had less marching! Man, that is one angry cow! Leonidas: Such an offer, only a madman would refuse. And if you haven’t done so already, oil up those pecs!