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Please forward this error screen to 81. Please forward this error screen to 81. All of the models depicted in this website were over 18 years of age at the time homosexual fucking double penetration the photography.

The content of this website is inappropriate for minors. Appropriate care should be taken to insure that it is not viewed by anyone under 18 years of age. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties and added to our site automatically. Just remember definitions and terminology only need to be clear between those involved in the activity together. This group of definitions is always growing.

If you find something you feel we missed, drop us an e-mail and we will consider adding it to our dictionary. Abrasion play- Stimulating body parts with an abrasive material. Commonly used in conjunction with blindfold. To injure or hurt, not care about the others well being. Physical or sexual assault or false imprisonment is not part of BDSM. BDSM is negotiated between those participating and is something that is enjoyable and enhances a persons well being. Cable ties-  Used by police, sometimes called plasticuffs.

Cable cuff- Plastic individual handcuff found in hardware stores. Cage- Usually made of metal or wood for locking the submissive inside of. It can be small so the sub can’t get in a comfortable position. Caution: Check for claustrophobia before confining someone. Cane- A stick type object used for striking. Commonly used on ass and tits. MANStim, Russian Muscle stimulation is similar to EMS, and Microcurrent Stimulation and Microcurrent Therapy.

All videos are hosted by 3rd party websites. Immobilization- Usually done with rope or saran wrap to create a helplessness in the sub. Commonly used on ass and tits. Commonly used in conjunction with blindfold. All models are 18 years of age or older.

Gaining popularity is the 4-channel stimulator that has EMS, Russian Stim, Interferential Stim and TENS Stim all in one unit. Violet Wands also are used in electric play. This type of play should NOT be done by beginners. Erotic pain- Something that most would consider painful if not in a arousing or sexual manner. Exhibitionism- To show off or expose oneself sexually.

Usually done to gain pleasure and usually not done in the manner of the dirty old man in a trench coat. Gag- Most common is a rubber ball placed into the mouth to prevent speaking, held by a strap. Subbies if you have asthma this is NOT something you should do. If you are going to use a gag anyway, use the O-Ring gag.


This muffles speech but forces the mouth to stay open to allow breathing. They come in various sizes so shop around for one that works. Immobilization- Usually done with rope or saran wrap to create a helplessness in the sub. Implant- To place something inside the body. Less common is implanting an object for visual art. Including others- Adding another person to the play.

Nailing- To hammer nails into ones genitals. Most common is in CBT play. As surprising as it may sound, little long term damage is done with nails through the scrotum. Testicles or the penis, would require extreme caution.



Most noted practitioner: Bob Flanagan AKA Supermasochist. Polyfidelity- Group of people committed to each other and do not have sex or romantic ties outside of the commitment group. Polysexual- Pretty much swingers, having sex and no commitment with others, often done in groups. Post orgasmic pain or cramps- Caused by relocation and contraction of the uterus, or uterus tilting or rotating.

Pain or cramps often occur around the low abdomen, perineum, anus and tailbone. Orgasm burns a lot of hormones and neurotransmitter acetylcholine, resulting an abrupt drop of PGE-1 production in the tissues causing the pain or cramps. There are no set protocols or rules for BDSM in general. Some organizations within the BDSM community have protocol or rules.