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You need to login to do this. X and Y feature multilingual support rather than all languages being on separate game carts, although choosing a specific language “locks” the game to that language until saved data is deleted. The first announcement trailer for the games can be viewed here. The official website for the games can be visited here. Additional XY-centric videos can be viewed in this official playlist. Please place information regarding the new Pokémon on the page for Generation VI Pokémon sheet.

Oval Charm, which makes eggs show up much faster at the Day Care. 108: The hot soup entrée at Restaurant Le Yeah contains 108 herbs and spices. Abandoned Playground: There’s one in Route 14 just north of Lumiose City, though it’s in very good shape. Action Mom: The player’s mother, Grace, is a former Rhyhorn racer, instead of just a homemaker like previous versions.

Her Rhyhorn is even outside the player’s house, and it’s known the player since they were born! Professor Sycamore chose them to help him out because he heard that she had just moved into the region. Breaker: The in-game AI has considerable difficulty dealing with the Protean ability. The ability changes the user’s type right before it attacks, but the AI makes its decisions based on what the Pokémon’s type and what it thinks its stats are before Protean takes effect.

AI will attempt to target the Shedinja at every possible opportunity. Presumably this is because it is a One-Hit-Point Wonder who usually relies on its invulnerability to all damaging attacks that aren’t super effective against it to survive, and without that ability it SHOULD be a sitting duck. Air Jousting: While seen in other Pokémon media, this game actually introduces it in the form of Sky Battles, where only Flying-types and Pokémon with the Levitate ability can participate. All There in the Manual: A lot of information regarding Mega Pokémon can only be found on the XY official website. Leitmotif to the Kalos region itself. This is only revealed in the song’s official name, which can only be seen within the game’s official soundtrack due to the game not mentioning it otherwise.

Alpha Bitch: In the Battle Chateau, Viscountess Danielle insults your clothing by asking if you dressed in the dark or found it in the trash. This happens regardless if you’re the most stylish person in all of Kalos. Always Accurate Attack: Toxic becomes this if the user is a Poison-type. Olympia’s entire gym has you battling out in the middle of space, standing on top of galaxies with stars and celestial objects all around you. Asymmetrical Pokémon, like Greninja and Absol, have different mini-sprites used on the 3DS’s lower screen if they face left. Gym Leaders’ good looks, regardless of gender. And Your Reward Is Clothes: There is one NPC in Kiloude City that asks you to dress in a specific clothing style because she is in an art slump.

Share is obtained right after you beat the first gym, and has returned to the Exp. To aid in capturing Pokémon early on, the game gives you the TM for False Swipe a little after beating the first Gym. It’s not mandatory to use Flash any more. There are no insanely dark places in need of a light, so Flash simply expands your view by zooming out the screen and lowers encounter rates. Trades with NPCs no longer require you to have the requested Pokémon in your party, allowing you to trade Pokémon that are currently in your PC.


A couple trades also don’t request specific Pokémon, so you can trade whatever you want, even a lowly Magikarp. There’s now a PC at the lab where Pokémon fossils are revived, so you don’t have to walk to the Pokémon Center just to make space in your team. If you don’t have a space open the Mon will just be deposited into the PC. Somehow don’t have a Water Pokémon or other Surf user by this point?

Just right next to the river you need to cross to continue the game, an NPC gives you a free Lapras. In the first forest area, one of your friends follows you everywhere and offers to heal your Pokémon whenever you like. Later on NPCs offer the same somewhere along the longer paths so you don’t have to trek back so far to the next Pokémon Center. Base stat values now max out at 252 unlike the previous 255, preventing you from wasting the last three points. 1 to the actual stat at Level 100.



Berry cultivation has been massively streamlined, with the player given one big field for it a stone’s throw from a Fly target instead of having to scramble all over the map for multiple smaller patches. Crop yields have also been pretty much doubled, and there are new ways to obtain new types of berries. The Global Trade Station has been streamlined. The Safari of this game is pretty much interface friendly unlike before.

It now has set Pokémon depending on the friend you picked, and you can engage the Pokémon like a normal battle rather than being limited to tossing items. Plus, the Pokémon you get there have two perfect IVs of random stats and may have its hidden Ability, with better chance of that if the friend owning the zone is online! Breeding has been even further streamlined from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Males can only pass down theirs if bred with a Ditto. Egg Moves, and the Destiny Knot now guarantees that five IVs from either parent are inherited, making passing down existing perfect IVs much less time-consuming. Getting Hidden Abilities is now easier. Meanwhile, the central area of Lumiose City — the Prism Tower area — has a circular road with a rotating camera, giving you virtually an “endless” road to bike with that has no screen changes.