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You need to login to do this. It’s so simple, yet so complex. It’s the perfect Fighting Game formula! Victory means nothing when we’re fighting everything. N, however, is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte, written in C with the Allegro library and originally released in July 1999. The engine allows anyone with the resources to create and import characters, background stages and other game objects. A vast majority of the first wave of M.

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N sites have either not been updated since 2010 or have been shut down. Because of this, finding certain characters that have become infamous within the M. First released on the 17th of July 1999, M. N was initially created for MS-DOS. Development of the DOS version ceased when Elecbyte switched to the Linux platform in November 2001. For a time, Elecbyte had a running request for donations on their site to legally obtain a Windows compiler so they could make a Windows version of M. The development group discontinued this project in 2003 and shut down their site.

N beta contained a two-character roster limit, locked game modes, and nag screens. With the beta leaked and Elecbyte gone, a “no limit” hack that removed most of these limitations was made available in 2004 by Rou Hei, followed by subsequent updates to deal with bugs and other issues. In May 2007, a hacked version of WinM. Elecbyte’s website and the return of the M. In mid-2007, Elecbyte’s site returned, though not without some controversy as to its legitimacy, as it only showed a single logo with Google ads on the side.



On the 26th of July, a FAQ was added to the site, which claimed that Elecbyte would release a fixed version of WinM. N before major format changes in the next version. Those formatting changes would supposedly remove compatibility in regards to older works: “Do not expect old characters to work. Despite some widespread agreement in the M. N community that the new site was a fake, things changed around two years later when a new release candidate, MUGEN 1. 0, was added to the site.

0 version offered Open GL support as well as proper HD display options, victory quotes, and improved stability as a whole. Some of these alternatives presented online gameplay capabilities, a feature many users wanted for years. For more information, check out these websites: Elecbyte’s website. The Mugen Fighters Guild – This is the starting point for many M. N for the first time, this should be your first stop. Random Select – This site houses a huge database for characters and stages as well as the BIJIN engine, an offshoot of the M.