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UK, with a more elegant street in front of the terrace. Street in Broek in Waterland, Netherlands. It is a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban context, on which people may freely assemble, interact, and move about. A city-centre street in Frankfurt, Germany. The Porta Rosa was the main street of Elea, connecting the northern quarter with the southern quarter.

It is paved with limestone blocks, griders cut in square blocks, and on one side a small gutter for the drainage of rain water. Rue Saint-Jacques, a street in Montreal, 1910. The street is a public easement, one of the few shared between all sorts of people. As a component of the built environment as ancient as human habitation, the street sustains a range of activities vital to civilization. Streets can be loosely categorized as main streets and side streets. Main streets are usually broad with a relatively high level of activity.

Commerce and public interaction are more visible on main streets, and vehicles may use them for longer-distance travel. Circulation, or less broadly, transportation, is perhaps a street’s most visible use, and certainly among the most important. The unrestricted movement of people and goods within a city is essential to its commerce and vitality, and streets provide the physical space for this activity. In the interest of order and efficiency, an effort may be made to segregate different types of traffic. Le Corbusier, for one, perceived an ever-stricter segregation of traffic as an essential affirmation of social order—a desirable, and ultimately inevitable, expression of modernity.

To this end, proposals were advanced to build “vertical streets” where road vehicles, pedestrians, and trains would each occupy their own levels. Such an arrangement, it was said, would allow for even denser development in the future. These plans were never implemented comprehensively, a fact which today’s urban theorists regard as fortunate for vitality and diversity. Transportation is often misunderstood to be the defining characteristic, or even the sole purpose, of a street. This has not been the case since the word “street” came to be limited to urban situations, and even in the automobile age, is still demonstrably false. Kitano Street in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.

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An empty street in Misasa, Tottori, Japan. As far as concerns the driver, a street can be one-way or two-way: vehicles on one-way streets may travel in only one direction, while those on two-way streets may travel both ways. One way streets typically have signs reading “ONE WAY” and an arrow showing the direction of allowed travel. Which lane is for which direction of traffic depends on what country the street is located in. Many streets, especially side streets in residential areas, have an extra lane’s width on one or both sides for parallel parking. Most minor side streets allowing free parallel parking do not have pavement markings designating the parking lane.

Sidewalks serve a traffic purpose, by making walking easier and more attractive, but they also serve a social function, allowing neighbors to meet and interact on their walks. An important element of sidewalk design is accessibility for persons with disabilities. Features that make sidewalks more accessible include curb ramps, tactile paving and accessible traffic signals. In most jurisdictions, bicycles are legally allowed to use streets, and required to follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicle traffic. Where the volume of bicycle traffic warrants and available right-of-way allows, provisions may be made to separate cyclists from motor vehicle traffic. Wider lanes may be provided next to the curb, or shoulders may be provided. The bicycle lane may be placed between the travel lanes and the parking lanes, between the parking lanes and the curb, or for increased safety for cyclists, between curb and sidewalk.


These poorer designs can lead to Dooring incidents and are unsafe for cycling. A more sensible design is found in the Netherlands with a Protected Bicycle Path totally separate from the traffic which is safe for cycling. Safe from traffic for cycling along a fully segregated Fietspad, properly designed cycling infrastructure in Amsterdam. Trams are generally considered to be environmentally friendly with tramlines running in streets with a combination of tram lanes or separate alignments are used, sometimes on a segregated right of way. A suburban street in Amman, Jordan. Grass or trees are often grown there for landscaping.

Damrak, in Amsterdam with a tram, Fietspad and pavement. A street may assume the role of a town square for its regulars. A street can often serve as the catalyst for the neighborhood’s prosperity, culture and solidarity. Some streets are associated with the beautification of a town or city.



Greenwood, Mississippi’s Grand Boulevard was once named one of America’s ten most beautiful streets by the U. Chambers of Commerce and the Garden Clubs of America. The 1,000 oak trees lining Grand Boulevard were planted in 1916 by Sally Humphreys Gwin, a charter member of the Greenwood Garden Club. Streets also tend to aggregate establishments of similar nature and character. East 9th Street in Manhattan, for example, offers a cluster of Japanese restaurants, clothing stores, and cultural venues.

This section does not cite any sources. A road, like a street, is often paved and used for travel. In rural and suburban environments where street life is rare, the terms “street” and “road” are frequently considered interchangeable. A town square or plaza is a little more like a street, but a town square is rarely paved with asphalt and may not make any concessions for through traffic at all. Nevsky Prospekt, is the main street in the city of St.